Trinity Debate: Is Jesus God or the Son of God? Part 2

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Här kommer del 2 i debatten om Treenigheten mellan Sir Anthony Buzzard, Joseph Good, Dr. Michael L. Brown och Dr. James White (del 1 hittar du här). Klippet är ganska långt så nedan ser du vilka tider som de diskuterar vilka frågor:

  1. 0:00:50 – “If the Jews of the 1st century didn’t already believe that G-d existed in a triune form, isn’t the trinitarian view in conflict with Jewish thought?”
  2. 0:13:00 – “How do you understand John 1? …The word became God, the word was God…”
  3. 0:19:25 – “How can God have flesh and bones, isn’t that what Trinitarians teach?”
  4. 0:24:45 – “One of the more well known examples of the existence of three persons is the baptism of Jesus recorded in Matt 3:16-17. Here the Father speaks from heaven, the Son is being baptized (and is again described as being the object of the Father’s love), and the Spirit is descending as a dove. How is this not a clear identification of the tri-unity of God?”
  5. 0:29:40 – “We understand that on the cross, Jesus was separated from God, how is this possible if he is himself God? How can one God be divided?”
  6. 0:35:35 – “The Lord says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.” (Psa 110:1).”
  7. 0:44:15 – “In John 5:19-24, Jesus clearly differentiates Himself from the Father, yet claims attributes that are only proper of Deity (life, judgement, and honor). In John 5:30, the Son says He can do nothing of Himself, yet in verses 37-39 He identifies Himself as the one witnessed to by the Scriptures who can give eternal life. Can any being do this other than Yahweh of the Tanakh?”
  8. 0:53:15 – “Yeshua serves as the one mediator between man and God, scriptures define the mediator is a man. Wouldn’t this disqualify Yeshua as the mediator if he is God himself?”
  9. 0:58:39 – “Part 3”

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