Trinity Debate: Is Jesus God or the Son of God?

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Hittade en mycket intressant debatt på Jimmy Heawenssons sida som jag tror kommer att intressera somliga :)

Klippet är en debatt mellan Sir Anthony Buzzard, Joseph Good, Dr. Michael L. Brown och Dr. James White.

Några av de frågor som diskuteras är:

  1. 0:13:30 – “After the resurrection of Jesus, people address prayers to him, while in Revelation, the same praises that are offered to God are offered to Him. If Jesus is only a man, wouldn’t this be idolatrous? According to Phil 2:5-11, “Every knee will bow to Him and to the glory of God the Father.” How can this be said of a glorified man? Only God is to be worshipped as Lord!”
  2. 0:20:40 – “How many YHVH’s is the Trinitarian position proposing?”
  3. 0:27:00 – “In passages like Genesis 18, YHVH appears to his people in the OT in visible form and even talks with them face to face, yet the NT teaches that no one has seen God. How do you reconcile these two truths?”
  4. 0:33:30 – “In the timeframe from Adam to the first century did the Jewish people view G-d as existing in a trinune form–G-d the Father, Son (Messiah), & Holy Spirit?”
  5. 0:40:25 – “Jesus explicitly refers to his pre-existence in numerous passages in the New Testament, stating He came from God and was returning to God – that He came down from Heaven and would return to heaven – that he enjoyed glory together with God His Father before the world began. On what scriptural grounds do you deny His preexistence?”
  6. 0:46:25 – “Did Yeshua directly present & teach others that G-d existed with a triune nature & that he himself was the Triune G-d the Son?”
  7. 0:52:50 – “On several occasions in the NT, both in the Gospels and the epistles, Jesus is explicitly called God. How do you explain these verses, the grammatical meaning of most of which is quite straightforward?”
  8. 0:57:55 – “Did the writers of the New Testament define & explain that Jesus was part of a Triune G-d head & that people are required to believe G-d exists in this form? If they didn’t who did & when?”
  9. 1:03:00 – “Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit as a personality who would teach and guide his people – and elsewhere the Scriptures speak of grieving the Spirit orenjoying communion with the Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit?”
  10. 1:08:05 – “Where does the word GOD in the Bible ever mean “The Triune God”?”

Ni som orkar se hela klippet, vad har ni för kommentarer?


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